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Property Developer: Vista Land
Project Location: Aurora Blvd. cor Balete Drive, New Manila, Quezon City
Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: Starting at 23.63 sqm
Price Range: Php 5,900,000 and up

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Pine Crest By Vista Residences

PineCrest is more than just low-density living. It features a unique ambiance that's refreshing. Endless rows of pine trees line up its premises, acting as a buffer against noise and racket of the city, at the same time creating crisp, fresh air you only find in high-attitude settings. Urban living has never been this fragrant. Just as incredible you can come home but never be far away from the bright lights of Greenhills, New Manila, and Tomas Morato. You have convenience as your immediate neighbors: schools, hospitals, and entertainment centers.


If there is one thing that the Philippines is well known for, perhaps not so much to potential foreign investors in a new condo development named Pine Crest, it is for its burgeoning television and film industries. In a number of cities across the country, studios abound. Does this mean then that Filipinos in general are above avid watchers of film and TV on the global scale? That is a question for another day, but perhaps this question could be asked of the Pine Crest developers in the meantime.

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Did they happen to get hold of an ancient television show entitled the Swiss family Robinson? For those who are too young to remember such a show, it is a TV show based on the classic tale of an affluent Swiss family being shipwrecked and ending up on a deserted island somewhere in the Pacific. The reason for this question is simply because of this. Vista Land has been inspired by all things Swiss. Of physical prominence surrounding the Pine Crest condo development is pine trees, an uncharacteristic feature of the Philippine’s landscape but very much a feature of the natural landscape that is Switzerland.


For a company as young as Vista Land, it seems hard to believe that they are currently the country’s largest home building firm. For the record, Vista Land have built over three hundred thousand homes across over eighty cities in over thirty provinces across the Philippines. Let this track record speak volumes. It listed among the top property development companies in terms of its assets, earnings and market capitalization.


It is hard to believe that in this day and age, low density housing provision and lifestyle accommodations are possible within a heavily congested city. The evidence is resplendent across eight thousand square meters of land on which two five storey and one ten storey condo complexes are perched.

After selecting from a choice of studio to one or two bed roomed condos, new residents can expect to experience the aura of enjoying their space and privacy within a peaceful community surrounded by nature. The low rise buildings have immediate views of the natural pine trees. Not wishing to take advantage of their own communal shopping center, residents can stroll off to their LRT 2 station. 


In this day and age there is no harm done in man-made installations. There have been raging debates among some environmentalists that non-indigenous plantations can harm the environment. But in an era of rapid deforestation would it not be better to choose from the lesser of two evils. Nevertheless, the crafty installation of pine trees all over Pine Crest is essentially a sustainable development. Apart from operating as an important green lung for congested urban areas such as Quezon City, the trees act as natural buffers against noise pollution typical of the urban environment and the provision of clean, fresh air that would only be found in areas at higher altitudes.

Apart from being privy to what natural surroundings can do for you in your own backyard, you also have a chance to revisit your cultural heritage. The Pine Crest is not far from downtown Manila where you can go and dig up your old ancestral roots from Spanish colonial times, or much further back if your bloodline is that thick.  


Life is like that. In reality, you really cannot have everything. Given that the climate remains as humid as ever, you are never going to have the characteristic feature of white snow that has made the Swiss landscape world famous. But you still have your pine trees, another natural wonder for which the Swiss landscape is well-known for. In fact, Vista Land has had a field day where exercising their Swiss inspiration is concerned.

So much so that they decided to christen all three buildings in honor of three famous Swiss cities. Lucerne serves as Pine Crest’s main tower, all of ten storeys high. It is flanked by Geneva and Zurich, jutting up just five storeys. Over one hundred and fifty units make up these three Swiss towers. Surrounding these low towers are a clubhouse and amenity area. This area encompasses recreational pleasures such as game rooms and a swimming pool.


The noisy, heavily congested city is just around the corner. But you would hardly notice it, if at all, not if you were living at Pine Crest. In accordance with giving new residents the opportunity to life healthier lives, every effort has been made to recreate the perfect ambience. Gone out the window are steel and concrete constructions that would normally surround condo complex’s ground facilities. In its place come the pine trees.

Apart from the natural setting, and by way of the Swiss inspiration, the design has been to create a European way of life that is also informed by form and function. This means that there is no room for wasted opulence which, in any case, is quite garish to look at anyhow. But there is always place for a touch of elegance. Form and function within the condo encourages the health and wellness concept popular among twenty first century aspirants to this paradigm.


Units range in size from just over twenty square meters to a little under sixty square meters. Combining price considerations and ambitions to do with affluence and aesthetics, new investors have options to choose from studio apartments to one and two bed roomed condos. The studios are the smallest, with floor size coming in just under thirty square meters.

Oh, and there are three bed roomed units as well. What a delightful surprise! And it goes without saying that these units are the largest. In lieu of market considerations and investors’ budgets, payment options are available.


As mentioned earlier, the development is spread over eight thousand square meters of prime land. This sprawl allows for the better utilization of residential space, going beyond the four walls of the condo. The Eurocentric architectural design has been done deliberately to maximize available condo space and enable residents to enjoy more comfort.

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Pine Crest For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio Unit ₱ 6,000,000 24.14 Other Cuts Available
Studio + Drying Cage ₱ 5,900,000 23.63 Other Cuts Available
Studio + Balcony + Drying Cage ₱ 7,200,000 28.94 Other Cuts Available
2 Bed + Balcony ₱ 12,000,000 48.28 Other Cuts Available
3 Bed + Balcony + Drying Cage ₱ 14,100,000 59.93 Other Cuts Available

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